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Rapti is a Midwestern region or anchal, that is, the 1st order administrative district, of Nepal. The region of Rapti comprises of 5 districts or jilla. These are:

Rapti has its headquarter situated at Tulsipur or Dang. The largest city in Rapti is Ribhuvannagar or Ghorahi. Chaurajhari, Musikot, Lamahi, Tulsipur, Liwang and Bijuwar are the other cities of the region.
  • Salyan District
  • Rolpa District
  • Dang
  • Deokhuri District
  • Rukum District
  • Pyuthan District

The district of Dang combines Deukhuri, Terai valleys and Dang. It also comprises some parts of the mountain ranges lying adjacent to the region. The Siwalik range lying in the Rapti region has an elevation of about 600 meters approximately and it separates to form 2 sub ranges. The southern Dundwa range, beginning some kilometers north of India-Nepal border, divides the Deukhuri Valley and the Gangetic Plains. 

River Rapti meandering through the Deukhuri Valley finally flows into River Karnali near Gorakhpur in India. Babai, a tributary of Karnali, drains the Dang Valley. 

Salyan, Rolpa and Pyuthan are positioned in and to north of Mahabharat Range. Pyuthan district, inhabited by the Newar castes and the Brahman-Chetri along Jimruk Khola has extensive rice fields district too has rice fields in the lowlands and the region is populated by the caste Hindus and the Kham peoples live on the uplands. 

Rolpa district is inhabited by the Kham Magars living in small villages. They rear goats, sheep and and cattle. They grow fruit such as asian pear and citrus. Rukum has sparse population; the Kham herdsmen mainly inhabit the region during the summer seasons. 

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